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We have a dream
to send as many kids as possible to summer camp; a magical place where people with muscular dystrophy, a progressive and often fatal genetic disease which limits their ability to walk, talk and play, get to be just like any other person. For one week every summer, thousands of special individuals get that opportunity thanks to organizations like The Jett Foundation For Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, which operates Camp Promise East.

Camp Promise East is the brainchild of several families of children and adults with muscular dystrophy in the Northeastern United States who were inspired to hold their own camp in response to a lack of camp options for their children in 2009 during the H1N1 Flu Outbreak.

Our fund supports Camp Promise East because it gives teenagers and adults the same opportunities as any other child. The difference is that the experience is tailored to children and adults with muscle disease.

We do a variety of fundraisers to support Camp Promise during the year, including an "Adopt-A-Flying-Pig" program where customers and citizens sign their name to a "Flying Pig Mobile" in exchange for a donation to Camp Promise.

In addition to Camp Promise East, we've also begun fundraising for ALS (Lou Gherig's Disease) Research. We support ALS-TDI because we've lost friends to this particular form of muscular dystrophy and want to carry on their memory.

Our fund supports ALS-TDI's cause by donating to the "ALS Tri State Trek" Bike Ride each year.

It's important to note - ALS-TDI's money is used for research, not a camp.

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